maandag 30 augustus 2010


My macbook is full of inspiration pictures, every photo I like I save on my laptop. I really like to share them at my blog, so here is my first inspiration post since I'm back from my summer trips. This week I will post photos from my holiday job at the sport camps with kids! Tomorrow I go back to school after 8 weeks holiday, I especially want to see my friends again!

John Mayer - City love

zondag 29 augustus 2010


Okay it was my outfit from yesterday but that doesn't matter, haha. Friday I went to Rotterdam with a friend for shopping. But unfortunately the New Look and Primark were very much against. But I bought this pretty blazer at the Bershka (for only 22,95 euro!). And the top (9,95euro), the small belt (finally found a nice one! 4,95euro!) and the jeans (for just 9,95euro!!) at the H&M! It is unfortunate I can't make good outfit pictures. I need to find a better way.

Blazer - Bershka, top, belt, jeans, fox ring - h&m, owl ring - ebay, necklace - self made, shoes - low red allstars

donderdag 26 augustus 2010


So I really couldn't sleep yesterday, it was 03.00 in the middle of the night when I fall a sleep. I created this pictures, I had nothing better to do. :') From the first picture, the photo with the clouds (you can see them in the duvet) is mine, the photo of the bed is from a random blog, I've got it on my computer for a year a think, haha. The text is from a song: Blink 182 - I miss you. From the second picture, the photo with the clouds is the same as the one on the first picture, so also mine. The photo with the universe is from google. The text is from a dutch song: Acda & de Munnik - Alles gaat voorbij. The text in English says: 'Let us live what we can. It is the only thing that can. And we look but don't too far ahead. And what goes wrong, too bad. Enjoy it now.'


I'm so in love with Pull & Bear. I've been in the shop in Copenhagen and Paris and it's so cool. I only bought there the swallow scarf en the brown bracelet, but if I had the money I would buy everything in there. There was so much nice clothes that I couldn't choose so I didn't bought clothes there. Now I see the new collection at the internet and oh my god, I want to go back! What items do you like?

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

I've bought a lot of stuff last month, because of the interrail trip, so here it is! Today I went shopping in my own city with my mum, because I need a new phone. I find someone but it was sold out so I hope I can found it on the internet or another store. We went to a couple of shops beacuse of my mum wanted something new. She bought a beautiful dress by Mango, with a paisly print. I bought the H&M black skirt, it's very simple but I wanted a simple black skirt. I bought the nailpolish to, it's a very little one, but it's also very cheap. I'm wearing the colour now and it's a very nice, light, pink/nude colour. I will show some pictures with the nailpolish on later. I also bought two basics shirts by the WE, I want a white and nude shirt to but then with a round neck. Enough talk now, here are the pictures!

What: Skirt - Shop: ? - Where: Prague - Price: from €20? for €8?

What: Sweater - Shop: ? - Where: Paris - Price: €29

What: Pub Crawl shirt - Shop: We get it free by enjoying the pub crawl - Where: Prague - Price: X

What: Vest - Shop: Zara - Where: Paris - Price: from €39,99 for €6,99

What: jacket - Shop: Gina Tricot - Where: Copenhagen - Price: €25

What: blouse - Shop: ? - Where: Prague - Price: from €18? for €6?

What: Scarf - Shop: Pull&Bear - Where: Paris - Price: €10?

What: Skirt - Shop: H&M - Where: Zwolle - Price: €9,90

What: t-shirts - Shop: WE - Where: Zwolle - Price: 2 for €15

What: jacket - Shop: Zara - Where: Prague - Price: from €30? for €15?

What: body - Shop: Zara - Where: Prague - Price: from €20? for €6?

What: notebook - Shop: ? - Where: Paris - Price: €12
A map of Paris at the first page
On the left side I can paste pictures, on the right side I can overwrite my (interrail)dairy 
At the last page there is a metro-map from paris and a envelope

What: nailpolish - Shop: H&M - Where: Zwolle - Price: €0,95
And some souvenirs :)