dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

I've bought a lot of stuff last month, because of the interrail trip, so here it is! Today I went shopping in my own city with my mum, because I need a new phone. I find someone but it was sold out so I hope I can found it on the internet or another store. We went to a couple of shops beacuse of my mum wanted something new. She bought a beautiful dress by Mango, with a paisly print. I bought the H&M black skirt, it's very simple but I wanted a simple black skirt. I bought the nailpolish to, it's a very little one, but it's also very cheap. I'm wearing the colour now and it's a very nice, light, pink/nude colour. I will show some pictures with the nailpolish on later. I also bought two basics shirts by the WE, I want a white and nude shirt to but then with a round neck. Enough talk now, here are the pictures!

What: Skirt - Shop: ? - Where: Prague - Price: from €20? for €8?

What: Sweater - Shop: ? - Where: Paris - Price: €29

What: Pub Crawl shirt - Shop: We get it free by enjoying the pub crawl - Where: Prague - Price: X

What: Vest - Shop: Zara - Where: Paris - Price: from €39,99 for €6,99

What: jacket - Shop: Gina Tricot - Where: Copenhagen - Price: €25

What: blouse - Shop: ? - Where: Prague - Price: from €18? for €6?

What: Scarf - Shop: Pull&Bear - Where: Paris - Price: €10?

What: Skirt - Shop: H&M - Where: Zwolle - Price: €9,90

What: t-shirts - Shop: WE - Where: Zwolle - Price: 2 for €15

What: jacket - Shop: Zara - Where: Prague - Price: from €30? for €15?

What: body - Shop: Zara - Where: Prague - Price: from €20? for €6?

What: notebook - Shop: ? - Where: Paris - Price: €12
A map of Paris at the first page
On the left side I can paste pictures, on the right side I can overwrite my (interrail)dairy 
At the last page there is a metro-map from paris and a envelope

What: nailpolish - Shop: H&M - Where: Zwolle - Price: €0,95
And some souvenirs :)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. ik ben verliefd op dat jasje van de zara!!

  2. ik heb ook die baseball jacket van gina tricot gekocht:) hij is echt nice.