woensdag 29 september 2010


Yessss! I found a room together with a good friend and today they called us that we have te room and I am sooooo happy, like oh my god this is perfect. I wanted to live on my own for a long long time and now it's going to be for real.. I'm so excited. The room is available at October 20 so we have to wait 20 days, but I'm so happy that it doesn't matter anymore. I'm going to live on myself and that's the greatest thing I have experienced in years. 

I can't chance the interior of the room, but I will hang up some paintings and other work. For now I have some living/home inspiration! 

K'naan - ABC's

5 opmerkingen:

  1. coooooool dat je een kamer hebt!
    &alweer supermooie plaatjes as alwayass haha

  2. Dieze is goed! daar zit je echt fijn. Ik woon zelf in Dieze-Oost, tegenover de C1000