zaterdag 4 september 2010


Here are a lot of more pictures from the interrail trip I did a few weeks ago. If I see the pictures I miss it a lot, I wanna go back to all the city's..

Ice cream in Prague

At the Louvre, it was only 5 minutes walking from our hostel!

In a very cool shopping centre in Prague

In the same shopping centre we found a great wok restaurant where we had the best dinner from the vacation, we had a big dinner with the best food for just 10euros!

Jumping! Louvre

Our feets and the Eiffeltower

American style :p In the hostel in Copenhagen. We lived there on cheap drinks and chips :')

In the city in Copenhagen with some people we met in our hostel, Jeremy (in the yellow sweater) from the USA, en the afro man and girl from Italy.

Our hostel in Copenhagen, here we slept with 60 people in one room! Haha
Our hostel in Paris

In the evening we took a 'free-city-bike' at Copenhagen, we cycled to the harbor and we sat here for a long time :)

Sitting on the bed in our hostel in Copenhagen, eating chips as dinner (the food was so expensive there!)

Nicole's bracelets and mine, we bought in Paris 'friends' bracelets :) 

Mumford and Sons - Sigh no more

4 opmerkingen:

  1. wauw supermooie foto's
    en ziet er ook heel gezellig uit :)

  2. Leuke foto's! Het ziet er allemaal heel erg tof uit. Echt een geslaagde trip volgens mij :)

  3. Leeeuk! En I LOVE mumford and sons!! <333

  4. wauw! lijkt me echt een vette vakantie joh! In al die steden en t ziet er ook echt super gezellig uit!
    Je kleed je leuk! Leuke kleren, leuke stijl