vrijdag 17 september 2010


Today was a fine day. School was boring but we were free at 13.00 so that was great. But I have to play hockey about an our and it's going to rain this evening.. so that's not so fine, haha. But after training I'm going out with a friend. I can't wait to make some fun after this week with a lot of stress and homework. So it's going to be a good night I think! 

Today I went to the city because I need a new phone but I can't find one.. too bad! I'm searching for a couple of weeks now but I can't find a good and cheap mobile. But I found some great earrings at the Six, with little insects. I don't know but I have something with jewellery with animals or insects. I think they are really cool haha.

I also bought this rings at the Six, I can't handle my ring addiction, really bad I know. But I am glad I found this feather one! The other ring was with the feather one, so I had to buy them both, but I like the other one also I think!

Ellie Goulding - Be mine (i loveeeee this song!!)

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