dinsdag 21 september 2010


Today I'm at home, I have ear, throat and headach. Too bad. I don't like it to be at home, it's so boring to feel bad. But now I have time to show you my summer photo's from the sportcamps. It was so amazing again this year. I really love it to work with kids. I did this work for 5 weeks so It was heavy, but the energy of kids is so amazing. They make me smile every day. I'm missing my summer job again now, I have to wait one year again!

Two sweet girls, they are best friends for ever, I'm sure. They were sleeping hand in hand, and telling each other every day how glad they were to be together. The blond girl lives in Dubai for 3 years beacause her father had to work there and this summer they went together to a camp in the Netherlands so they were together for one week after 1,5 year missing each other. After the camp she went back to Dubai. They had a great time together. So sweet. Ooh and they are wearing my sunglasses, haha!

I'm the one in the squirrel suit, haha! Every friday is 'Bad Friday' so you have to be dressed on a wrong way! 
And every wednesday it is 'Bad hair day' so you have to do something crazy with you're hair!

The last week I had a group of 10 kids from 5 and 6 years old. They were so cute. Here I'm dancing with them, haha. This was at the last day and I really did not liked it to say goodbye to them..

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