dinsdag 2 november 2010


Yes, I'm back! I'm living on my own now and my house is great I enjoy it so much to live here. I had vacation for one week, last week, but I had to work a lot so I could not update my blog, and beside that I was so busy with moving all my stuff to my new place. But yesterday school started again so now I will update every day again! For now I have pictures from my room, only from my bed room not the rest of the house because it's a mess, oh my god haha. I will make good pictures once, when It's not a mess here (: And I will show you my outfit of the day! xoxo

Pictures from my bedroom, and you can also see an outfit from last week at the second picture.

My outfit of the day! All black! (Jeans: primark, belt + shirt + necklace: h&m, cardigan: zara, beanie: rive island, borrowed from a friend).

A random outfit picture from last week 

A 'going out' picture from last week

Lady antebellum - home is where the heart is

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Je muts is echt leuk! Ben je op kamers gegaan of heb je een eigen plekje? Heerlijk he!?

  2. Leukkk! Er hangen mooie kledingstukken zeg hihi!

  3. oehh nice!
    leuk dat je weer back bent haha!