woensdag 13 april 2011

♥ colour blocking

Do you remember the coloured pants, like 4 years ago? I had them in green, blue and purple.. And do you remember the coloured heels? With the low heel, such a boring pump. They were available in all the bright colours, they were cheap and especially: I hated them. 

It's coming back. Or can I better say: it is back?! Yes, it is. Go to Zara, H&M or look at the collections from designers like Jill Sander and Prada. You see a lot of colours, bright colours. Many different colours in one item, colours you never expected they would fit together. But now they do. Because of it's al colour blocking, and all the combinations are okay.

Do you like this trend? I do! I love colours, especially designs (I have a weakness for floral and bird prints). But I like this colour blocking trend, you get a summer feeling with al the colours and I really like that! What do you think of this eighties feeling trend?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk! Ik had ook een knalrode broek, 3 jaar geleden xD
    En thanks voor je comment :) Ik hou het bij via histats.com, heel tof: kun je alles zien van je bezoekers (lekker stalken hahah)

  2. Het staat bij sommige erg goed, maar ik ben toch meer het pastel-achtige-meisje denk ik :) Ik sla deze trend even over.