woensdag 27 april 2011

♥ outfit of the day

This is a outfit from last week but I forgot to post it. This week is the best week in a long time. Monday we had a hockey game and we won with 4-0, and now we are champions! And there are 2 games left, but we won everything this season so the other teams can not catch us. :) And yesterday I got my drivers license! I'm so happy!! :) 

Blazer, hat & sunglasses: H&M
Jeans legging: Pieces
T-shirt: Maison Scotch
Shoes: All-stars

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Geweldige blazer!
    En gefeliciteerd met je rijbewijs :)

  2. Je jasje is erg leuk! En gefeliciteerd met je rijbewijs! Super! X