maandag 9 mei 2011

♥ OUTFIT & HOckey & my Boyfriend

I bought this short in Rotterdam last week. It's from Bershka, and it was only €19,99! It's a kind of nautical style, really like that. I love the belt on it! I wore this yesterday, after the hockeygame. We are champions and won our game with 13-0! It was 30degrees so really hot, extremely hot for sporting, but we all had a nice day. And you can see my new bag from Primark, I'm soooo in love with it!! The bag was only €9,00. It's so cute and everyone says: 'Oh, that's really a Nina bag!' haha :) Have a nice week everyone!


And a picture from my boyfriend and me from a while ago. I'm so in love with him! And I know he's looking on my blog secretely! Haha! 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. awww die laatste foto is echt leuk!

  2. Haha, allemaal leuk! Vooral die 13-0, mijn zusje won afgelopen weekend met 22-0, zij zijn alleen geen kampioen geworden :P

  3. Echt een leuk overzicht dat je gemaakt hebt :)
    Leuke blog.