zaterdag 23 juli 2011

♥ Aifw: club brillant show

I never thought I should visit the AIFW, but it was real. Nina, 19 years young, at the AIFW 2011. WAAAAHH! Now you probably ask yourself how I got there, because (unfortunately) my blog is not so popular that I would get tickets through my blog. No, it went different. I was working at the sport camps last week so I was not at home. Friday, 16th july, my mother sent me a text message with the question if I knew something like 'Amsterdam fashion week'. What?! Amsterdam Fashion Week? I never send so fast a text message back. 'Mom, do you mean the Amsterdam International Fashion Week? Sure I know what it is! Why?!', and my mother sent something back, an hour later.... 'Yes, the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. I can get some free tickets for sunday, are you free sunday?'. What?! Really? Yes, this is how I came at the AIFW! My mother got two free tickets from our optician: Jochem voor Ogen. Normally I would sleep hours and hours after a sport camp, but now... I was so excited. I was going to the AIFW! So sunday, july 18th, my mother and I spend a hour to choose our outfits. But I was so tired, my mind wasn't like 'fashion!' but more like 'sport camps with annoying kids...' haha! So I choose a simple outfit and there we go. To the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, Club Brillant, featuring Italia Independent & Dennis Diem.

Photo's are from, unfortunately my mother lost here cable to plug the camera into a laptop, so I can't show you the pictures I made! :( But here a picture that a photographer made from me and my mom.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw echt super leuk voor je zeg! Ziet er echt heel gaaf uit! :)

  2. wat leuk voor je dat je erheen mocht! ziet er mooi uit die show

  3. prachtige blazer heb je aan! En het topje eronder ziet er ook mooi uit voor zover ik kan zien :)