woensdag 13 juli 2011

♥ Random pictures 

I have a lot of lovely pictures from me and friends, things I do or anything else on my macbook and I thought it would be nice to share them. This week I'm working at the Sportcamps for kids so I made this post a week ago. :)

Me and two friends at the Liberation Festival on May 5th. I'm the one with the beige leather jacket.

I made this loooooovely sushi with my sister a while ago. It was so good. 

This is a picture from my school party last week. We have 2 party's every year and every time with an other theme. This party we had the theme 'Freaky Circus'!

You have seen this dress before at my blog. Bought it at Zara I think 2 months ago. Still love it, it looks a bit like a persian carpet haha. 

And this is my boyfriend! My lovely red head. I'm so in love with him!

A picture from my hockey tournament a while ago, with my hockey team. We went to it in army style, it was really funny, haha. We had a nice weekend with lots of fun, dancing and 2 great party's!

A picture from me and a friend I met on the sportcamps where I work every year. We always have a lot of fun, working with him (joost) means the best week you can have, haha!

This is a new dress I haven't show you yet. It's from H&M and when I saw this dress I felt in love with it. But it was €39,95 and that's waaaay to much money for me. So I did not even try it on because I knew I want to have it more and more then haha. But lucky me.. I went to the sale from h&m 2 weeks ago and yesssss, there he was, for only €10euros!! So I bought him, ofcourse! =D The colour is creme, picture is taken in the dark so the quality isn't that good..

Aaaaahw. This is Binky. Our cute little chihuahua. He deserves a place at my blog, right?

I made this design a while ago for a school assignment for a real client. It's a window sticker and It was really cool to see it, used in real life. (It's about 2,30 meters wide and 1 meter high I think).

I picture from me and my sister, from I think 3 years ago. She is in Thailand now, backpacking for a month. Really proud of her and love her a lot!

I found this picture on my macbook and I immediately got a smile on my face again. Made this picture a half year ago, I lived 3 months on myself and I really loved that time. I was so happy and I think this picture shows that well. 

I made this painting for my boyfriend his birthday. It's from a photo from us!

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