woensdag 7 september 2011

♥ new buys

Today we went to a museum in Tilburg with school, and after that we had some free time to spend in the city. So you can already guess.. we went shopping :) And I bought the army green skinny at the Zara! The black skinny is from h&m, I received it today with my h&m order (the other things from my order were disappointing). The first shirt above, the wolf shirt, is also from Zara, bought it a week ago. The fitting is a bit loose and the print is so cool. I love clothes or accesories with animals! The dress is from Pull&Bear and I bought it at my vacation with my boyfriend, in Belgium. The book 'Truth or Dare' is a game I think everyone knows. I bought this book at the Urban Outfitters, also in Belgium. I really love this game. It's so fun to play with friends! Or people you don't know so well, so you get to know each other better. Beside the book my new headband from h&m, perfect for the winter!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. oew dat tshirt met die wolf is echt super leuk :)

  2. Leuk shirt en jurkje! Die hoofdband heb ik ook gekocht voor de winter, ik vind hem echt super.