zaterdag 3 september 2011

♥ Topshop favourites

It's been a long time ago, almost a month, that I post something at my blog. But I'm back! I'm so sorry for being away so long. I was working the whole vacation at sportcamps for kids, so I had no time to post something. But tuesday I have to go to school again, so my vacation is almost done! Too bad, but I'm going to the third year so that's the positive part: I'm half way! In my vacation I went to Belgium for one week, I stayed there at a camping with my boyfriend. We had a great week, so much fun and we did a lot of things! Including a little bit shopping (my boyfriend doesn't like shopping at all so I got 2 hours to shop in Antwerp, haha!). Maybe I can show you my buys later! For now a collage of my favourites from Topshop, new in this week. I hope you like it!

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